Determining The Age Of Mammoth Ivory Tusks

As they say, old is gold, same holds true for mammoth tusks, which is the only legal ivory worldwide. With elephant being completely banned in US, the demand for mammoth ivory has risen. The increasing popularity and ease of purchase and sale, legal ivory is very similar to elephant ivory, sharing the same texture, color and luster, making it even more precious.

Age of mammoth ivory

But do you know how old is the mammoth tusk that you intend buying? Most of the experts discern the age of the tusk from the rings in the tusk. These are quite the same as tree rings but are more detailed than that. The mammoth tusks have a major line for each year and minor lines for the days and the weeks, so it pretty much well-defined. Ivory experts and scientists can tell the season when the specific mammoth died. The thickness of the ring depends upon the health of the mammoth and is studied to know which season was more favorable for growth.

Only legal ivory for trade

With enhanced global warming, the permafrost is melting faster, leading to mammoth ivory hunters bountiful harvesting of precious, antique ivory into the global market. And that is why mammoth tusk ivory is traded easily worldwide without restrictions because wooly mammoths are extinct. But it is essential to only buy from reputed dealers with years into the business as fakes abound. Take a look at some of the most unique collection of genuine ivory artifacts and sculptures at

Wooden & Mammoth Ivory Samurai

Carved Mammoth Ivory SamuraiAn outstanding Mammoth ivory  & Wooden statue of a Japanese Samurai. A beautifully handcrafted, MAMMOTH IVORY CARVING of the Japanese Samurai Holding a fan Breathtakingly beautiful with bold, defined strokes, capturing the expression of the Samurai in traditional clothes. Look at the clear defined carving of his custom! This attractive MAMMOTH IVORY CARVING inlayed in solid wood and Master Carver’s signature.
Crafted with genuine high quality Mammoth ivory and wood and signed by the artist. You can read more about Mammoth Ivory in our education Center. 

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Christian Ivory carving- Jesus Thorns Crown

What an amazing  Christian Ivory Carvings of Christian Motives. Absoloutly amazing Ivory carving of Jesus Thorns Crown to his head.

This absolotly astonishing Christian Ivory carving is hand carved by Master Carver to perfection. We actually can see how much love, care , respect. passion & believe the artist put in this Jesus ivory creation to perfection.

This amazing christian ivory carving piece  is made out from Genuine, high quality raw Mammoth ivory tusk – What a perfect idea to Carved Jesus in prehistoric precious Material like Mammoth ivory.  It’s a good symbol for Gods power & creation power.

Mammoth ivory carving is absolutely legal worldwide import & export.

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