Determining The Age Of Mammoth Ivory Tusks

As they say, old is gold, same holds true for mammoth tusks, which is the only legal ivory worldwide. With elephant being completely banned in US, the demand for mammoth ivory has risen. The increasing popularity and ease of purchase and sale, legal ivory is very similar to elephant ivory, sharing the same texture, color and luster, making it even more precious.

Age of mammoth ivory

But do you know how old is the mammoth tusk that you intend buying? Most of the experts discern the age of the tusk from the rings in the tusk. These are quite the same as tree rings but are more detailed than that. The mammoth tusks have a major line for each year and minor lines for the days and the weeks, so it pretty much well-defined. Ivory experts and scientists can tell the season when the specific mammoth died. The thickness of the ring depends upon the health of the mammoth and is studied to know which season was more favorable for growth.

Only legal ivory for trade

With enhanced global warming, the permafrost is melting faster, leading to mammoth ivory hunters bountiful harvesting of precious, antique ivory into the global market. And that is why mammoth tusk ivory is traded easily worldwide without restrictions because wooly mammoths are extinct. But it is essential to only buy from reputed dealers with years into the business as fakes abound. Take a look at some of the most unique collection of genuine ivory artifacts and sculptures at

Now you can know if your ivory is legal!

High-Tech response to crime

JULIAN RUSH: A state-of-the-art particle accelerator is used to count
the Carbon-14 atoms in the sample. The use of such a high-tech machine
as this against wildlife crime is the result of a new collaboration
between forensic scientists, conservationists, and police and customs.

This accelerator mass spectrometer is normally used to date bones
for archaeologists or rocks for geologists. It’s the first time this
sophisticated carbon-dating technique has been used in a case of
wildlife crime. It brings a new weapon to the fight against an illegal
trade in animal parts and products that some have estimated is worth
more than a billion pounds a year.

DR. ROSS MCEWING, Trade Wildlife Forensics Network: We now are able
to fully enforce the wildlife trade legislation. Before, we weren’t
able to do that. So it opens the door, really, for police to use funds
and to actually go after people who are trading in ivory.

JULIAN RUSH: The dating technique was used in court. Though the
woman accused of illegally trading ivory was acquitted, her defense did
not challenge the science.

HEATHER SOHL, WWF-UK: We still believe that forensic tests such as
the one used in this case are very strong and should be used where
possible in order to help the enforcement authorities to actually stop
these traders. So it won’t stop us from supporting forensic test
development nor in their use by enforcement authorities. It’s a key
step to make sure that in the future there are successful prosecutions.

JULIAN RUSH: This ivory was recovered from poachers in Kenya in
April. Because of the trade in fake antique ivory, the number of
elephants killed is rising again. Conservationists hope now they can
date ivory scientifically and accurately, the forgers will think again
and the elephants will live.

Huge – Elephants tribe Carved Ivory Tusk

Fascinating Huge Carved ivory Tusk of Elephant tribe. This Huge Tusk is carved out from Mammoth ivory tusk that it’s absolutely Legal worldwide.

The unique tusk has benn hand carved by the master carver to perfection & its took him more than 1 year – in order to finish his work. each elephant is different from other tribe member.

You can actually Buy this amazingĀ  Mammoth ivory tuskĀ  at

The Measurements of The Huge Elephant Tusk:
117 Cm – from edge to edge, size of carving only 180cm, Thickness: 8 cm
Height with wood stand: 163cm.