More About Mammoth Ivory Seven Lucky Gods

The Seven Gods of Luck and Good Fortune, Shichi Fukujin are originally a part of Japanese tradition. They represent Dignity, Honesty, Amiability, Longevity, Fortune, Happiness and Wisdom. An amalgamation of Buddhist, Taoist, Hinduism and Shinto saints which became an integral part of the folklore of Japanese, the Gods were grouped around 17th century as Seven Lucky Gods.

As per the traditional representation of the legend as found in historical documents, the Seven Lucky Gods travel in a ship, Takarabune which was filled with precious gems and treasures, coming up from the sea, spreading happiness and good fortune to everyone. It is considered that if you put a picture of Shichi Fukujin under your pillow at night on 31st December for a better fortune in the New Year. The Seven Lucky Gods has Ebisu, Daikokuten, Bishamonten, Benzaiten, Hotei, Jurōjin, and Fukurokuju.

Laughing Buddha or Hotei is the God of Happiness and is known to be generous with gifts for people as is known as Japanese Santa.  While Jyuroujin (God of Longevity) is represented as old man with staff and has a few animals accompanying him.  Fukurokujuzin (God of happiness, wealth and longevity) is a vagabond and philosopher who survive without eating.

Bishimon (God of warriors) holding a pagoda and spear in each hand, symbolizes gifts and guards the treasures. While there is one Goddess, Benzai or Benten which means flowing water, she personifies art, beauty and charm. The God of fishermen and traders, Ebisu has a large belly and is usually happy and laughing. He carries a fishing rod and fish. And the last God in the pantheon is Daikoku. He is the God of the House especially the kitchen. This is considered the center of wealth and is seen carrying a mallet.   Check out the beautiful mammoth tusk ivory Lucky 7 Gods at

Determining The Age Of Mammoth Ivory Tusks

As they say, old is gold, same holds true for mammoth tusks, which is the only legal ivory worldwide. With elephant being completely banned in US, the demand for mammoth ivory has risen. The increasing popularity and ease of purchase and sale, legal ivory is very similar to elephant ivory, sharing the same texture, color and luster, making it even more precious.

Age of mammoth ivory

But do you know how old is the mammoth tusk that you intend buying? Most of the experts discern the age of the tusk from the rings in the tusk. These are quite the same as tree rings but are more detailed than that. The mammoth tusks have a major line for each year and minor lines for the days and the weeks, so it pretty much well-defined. Ivory experts and scientists can tell the season when the specific mammoth died. The thickness of the ring depends upon the health of the mammoth and is studied to know which season was more favorable for growth.

Only legal ivory for trade

With enhanced global warming, the permafrost is melting faster, leading to mammoth ivory hunters bountiful harvesting of precious, antique ivory into the global market. And that is why mammoth tusk ivory is traded easily worldwide without restrictions because wooly mammoths are extinct. But it is essential to only buy from reputed dealers with years into the business as fakes abound. Take a look at some of the most unique collection of genuine ivory artifacts and sculptures at

Repairing Mammoth Ivory Products

Though mammoth ivory is solid, sometime over a period of time, it may require some repair. Or if you have heirlooms of elephant ivory and mammoth ivory, they may have tiny cracks which need to be filled. Sometimes, even missing parts are again carved and attached to make it look like new.

When repairs are made, the closest possible colored ivory is used, matching the texture, color and density so that the repair goes unnoticed. Only extremely skilled artists work on restorations as they have innate understanding of legal elephant and mammoth ivory, apart from carvings. To start with, an estimation si provided to the customer and if it approved, the process starts. The ivory pieces are cleaned, unless the customer doesn’t want it. The remnant of old layers of glue and other add-ons are removed. Usually a skilled art restorer or sculptor working on restoring ivory takes about 1 to 2 weeks because it is delicate work requiring articulated work.

Ivory has been a precious material for artwork since ages and continues to be an upmarket material for sculptures. After elephant ivory was banned in 1989, mammoth ivory has replaced it completely but there are innumerable people in possession of pre-1989 elephant ivory that require care but sometimes, repairs. That is why it is important to only select elephant and mammoth ivory restorers that have extensive experience in the industry. Regardless of the ivory sculpture’s age, restorers and artists can repair the art piece. But if you are looking for  new mammoth ivory artifacts to add to your collection, don’t forget to check out an impressive range of handcrafted mammoth tusk ivory at

More About Three Star Gods- Fuk, Luk and Sau

Though mammoth ivory is one of the most sought after material for affluent collections, it is impressive to see the level of artistry and creativity that the artists portray with the material. Look at this impressive and detailed sculpture of the Three Star Gods, symbolizing good fortune, longevity and prosperity. As per the Taoist traditions, the 3 gods are Fuk, Luk and Sau. Look at the wonderful carvings, the intricate detailing and beautiful delineated mammoth tusk ivory figurines. Set on wood in this particular sculpture, the teakwood with its grain adds to the beauty of the sculptures.

The raw material is mammoth tusk ivory which is harvested from the frozen skeletal remains of ancient mammoth tusk ivory that still lies buried in the permafrost of the vast, uninhibited expanses of Arctic and Siberian regions. As it is harder than fresh ivories, great care has to be taken to ensure that it is maintained at specific temperature so that it does not crack or turn brittle. Though most of the core ivory remains milky white, there maybe discoloration in places.

The Three Lucky Men or Three Star Gods signify prosperity, good fortune and long life as per Feng Shui or the ancient Taoist beliefs. As per the sources of Feng Shui, there are various legends associated with it. They represent celestial energies which are channelized through these Gods to benefit us. Fuk Luk Sau, as the three wise men are known need to be placed in an area where they are easily visible with good energy surrounding them. These can be any places such as a high shelf or on the table in the living area.

How can I care for mammoth ivory artifacts?

This is one of the most common queries that we receive is about caring for your mammoth ivory sculptures, tusks and other items crafted from mammoth tusk ivory. You invest in antique ivory or any other ivory, one of the most difficult tasks is to constantly maintain humidity and temperature as it is prone to cracks and turns brittle if left in extremely dry weather conditions.

Mammoth tusks are sourced from the tundra permafrost, where the fossil ivory has lain buried for over 10,000 years, in the Russian, Siberian and Alaskan regions. Due to constant cold temperature, it has been able to retain the original moisture. That is why it is essential to have higher humidity and temperature control, when showcasing genuine mammoth ivory. That is why it is important that you rub the ivory sculpture with mineral oil every few months to make sure that the moisture is not depleted. You can use Renaissance wax to polish it and restore the protective luster. But some of the preventive measures that you need to take for maintaining ivory in its pristine condition is not to mark it or put any type of ink on it.

Putting water on ivory can damage it so ensure that the ivory is prevented from being wet. As the structure of mammoth ivory is close to being fossilized to an extent, do not put it in direct sunlight  or in extreme cold, as it will erode the inherent moisture and make it brittle. We recommend not to put ivory through temperature and moisture fluctuations as mammoth ivory is a precious commodity and can crack due to the variability. To see some astounding collection of mammoth ivory art and artifacts, check out