Determining The Age Of Mammoth Ivory Tusks

As they say, old is gold, same holds true for mammoth tusks, which is the only legal ivory worldwide. With elephant being completely banned in US, the demand for mammoth ivory has risen. The increasing popularity and ease of purchase and sale, legal ivory is very similar to elephant ivory, sharing the same texture, color and luster, making it even more precious.

Age of mammoth ivory

But do you know how old is the mammoth tusk that you intend buying? Most of the experts discern the age of the tusk from the rings in the tusk. These are quite the same as tree rings but are more detailed than that. The mammoth tusks have a major line for each year and minor lines for the days and the weeks, so it pretty much well-defined. Ivory experts and scientists can tell the season when the specific mammoth died. The thickness of the ring depends upon the health of the mammoth and is studied to know which season was more favorable for growth.

Only legal ivory for trade

With enhanced global warming, the permafrost is melting faster, leading to mammoth ivory hunters bountiful harvesting of precious, antique ivory into the global market. And that is why mammoth tusk ivory is traded easily worldwide without restrictions because wooly mammoths are extinct. But it is essential to only buy from reputed dealers with years into the business as fakes abound. Take a look at some of the most unique collection of genuine ivory artifacts and sculptures at

Repairing Mammoth Ivory Products

Though mammoth ivory is solid, sometime over a period of time, it may require some repair. Or if you have heirlooms of elephant ivory and mammoth ivory, they may have tiny cracks which need to be filled. Sometimes, even missing parts are again carved and attached to make it look like new.

When repairs are made, the closest possible colored ivory is used, matching the texture, color and density so that the repair goes unnoticed. Only extremely skilled artists work on restorations as they have innate understanding of legal elephant and mammoth ivory, apart from carvings. To start with, an estimation si provided to the customer and if it approved, the process starts. The ivory pieces are cleaned, unless the customer doesn’t want it. The remnant of old layers of glue and other add-ons are removed. Usually a skilled art restorer or sculptor working on restoring ivory takes about 1 to 2 weeks because it is delicate work requiring articulated work.

Ivory has been a precious material for artwork since ages and continues to be an upmarket material for sculptures. After elephant ivory was banned in 1989, mammoth ivory has replaced it completely but there are innumerable people in possession of pre-1989 elephant ivory that require care but sometimes, repairs. That is why it is important to only select elephant and mammoth ivory restorers that have extensive experience in the industry. Regardless of the ivory sculpture’s age, restorers and artists can repair the art piece. But if you are looking for  new mammoth ivory artifacts to add to your collection, don’t forget to check out an impressive range of handcrafted mammoth tusk ivory at

How To Select Genuine Mammoth Tusk Ivory?

Ivory is opulent and lustrous, adorning royal palaces and one of the most preferred materials for inlay for centuries. Today due to the incessant poaching, elephant ivory is banned worldwide. However, the demand for ivory has not gone down and to fill the gap, mammoth tusk ivory is in vogue. The large and husky wooly mammoths perished in the last Ice Age and the freezing Tundra permafrost has managed to preserve the ivory well.

Although there are numerous scrimshaws, netsuke and tusk carvings that are available at different prices, if you are not sure about the authenticity of the mammoth ivory sculpture you have bought, it is time to know more about it. As fake abound online, it is essential to view the mammoth ivory art piece virtually and check for the inherent criss-cross pattern on the tusks, figurines and even netsuke. Look at areas where there is no or less carving on the sculpture and check for inherent criss-cross V-shaped patterned lines on legal ivory.

Additionally, look for bone lamination and joints. High value mammoth ivory tusk carvings are crafted from a single piece. If you see numerous bone lamination, it can be a sign of making the sculpture from animal bone and not ivory.  However, brown pigmentation on natural mammoth ivory is common due to the seepage of various soil minerals within the porous organic ivory as it lay buried under the permafrost. The discoloration ranges from dark brown to fawn color and some maybe in shades of grey. Check out more information on mammoth ivory carvings and sculptures at


Mammoth Ivory Tusk – 3 Runing Horses

Mammoth Ivory Tusk - Téhree Horses In A RunLook at this outstanding Mammoth Ivory Carving Tusk from Gallery – This Mammoth ivory Tusk id depicting 3 horses running in the wild. This outstanding piece was hand carved by top skilled Master Carver to perfection.
This beautiful Mammoth Ivory tusk is a rare piece of art which is perfect for adding to your collection!

This carved Mammoth Ivory Tusk was  Hand carved by Top Skilled  Master Carver to perfection & signed by him.

This Mammoth ivory tusk Carving is made of 100% genuine Mammoth Ivory Tusk. The extinct woolly Mammoth roamed the earth before 10,000-40,000 years ago. Today we can found Mammoth ivory tusk in the arctic regions like Siberia in Russia.

Mammoth ivory TUSKS are absolutely legal worldwide.

You can read more about Mammoth Ivory in our education Center.

Want to know all about Mammoth ivory?

Height Including Woodstand: 13Cm/5.1In  (Height of Tusk only: 10Cm/3.93In)

What is the meaning of Horses?
What the Horse Symbolizes and its Application in Symbolism Feng Shui:
The Horse (seventh sign of the Chinese Zodiac) in Chinese Feng Shui symbolizes perseverance, strength, loyalty, victory, power, independent, strong spirited, speed and success. It is believed that placing the Horse figurines in your home or workplace will strengthen and enhance all the good traits and characteristics it represents in family members born in the year of Horse. It is no surprise that you can almost always find paintings and sculptures of horses in Chinese homes and businesses.

In Feng Shui, the horses are usually classified into Tribute Horse and Victory Horse.

In ancient China, the Chinese had always associated the tribute horse with gifts given to emperors and high officials, brought by the vanquished to the victors after wars and battles. The tribute horse are seen decorated with robes, laden with valuables such as gold ingots, pearls, gems, gold coins and etc., which represents the aspiration of a comfortable life. The tribute horse brings fame, recognition and triumph over competitors, ensuring your talents and hard work are acknowledged and rewarded.

On the other hand, Victory horses are shown galloping, running upwards signifying upward mobility and promotion, steady and speedy climb to fame and success in career and life. Sometimes they are depicted with birds at their feet, suggesting that the horses are running as fast as the bird can fly. This symbolizes success at an accelerated rate! Measurements:
In Centimeters:
Width: 18.5 Cm, Height: 13.0 Cm , Length: 5.0 Cm
In Inches:
Width: 7 In, Height: 5 In , Length: 2 In

Mammoth Ivory Tusk – Téhree Horses In A Run Video:
(If the video dosen’t work press another time on the play button)


Mammoth Ivory Tusk - Téhree Horses In A Run
Mammoth Ivory Tusk - Téhree Horses In A Run
Mammoth Ivory Tusk - Téhree Horses In A Run
Mammoth Ivory Tusk - Téhree Horses In A Run
Mammoth Ivory Tusk - Téhree Horses In A Run
Mammoth Ivory Tusk - Téhree Horses In A Run
Mammoth Ivory Tusk - Téhree Horses In A Run
Mammoth Ivory Tusk - Téhree Horses In A Run
Mammoth Ivory Tusk - Téhree Horses In A Run
Mammoth Ivory Tusk - Téhree Horses In A Run

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Ivory Carvings The zodiac – Chinese 2011 – New Year

Now it’s the perfect time for you to buy Mammoth Ivory Zodiac Carvings – The  Chinese New Year – the Year of the Rabbit — which arrives Feb. 3. So “Gung Hay Fat Choy” or Happy New Year!

As you all know according to the Chinese zodiac –each year  is associated with an animal.

It’s based on a legend: Lord Buddha had asked all animals to appear before him before he left for his heavenly abode.
Only 12 animals showed up to pay their respects and bid him goodbye. Buddha named each year after each animal as an honor and with it is the belief that the personality of individuals is based on the year they are born under that year’s animal sign. They believe that the animal of the year influences the person’s personality and behaviors patterns.
The coming year is the Year of the Rabbit – so it’s a year for you, like a rabbit, to jump ahead.

I’m in love with the Chinese Zodiac & the concept of the Chinese New Year – Celebrating by the Chinese Zodiac.
More than a billion people celebrating the Chinese New Year.Use the Chinese new year as an inspiration for your business & for your personal life .
You can take the positive traits and portents of the year ahead and use them to benefit your business & in your family life.

2011 The Golden Year of the rabbit is features as  calmer –Rabbit years are traditionally more peaceful years.
This means fewer things are likely to faze you, so you should approach problems with equanimity, expecting that you’ll be able to handle them successfully.

• Negotiation and diplomacy. Rabbit years are times for persuasion rather than force.
They’re good years for making deals, entering partnerships, resolving differences. Try to work things out rather than go to court or do battle.

• Creative and artistic.
This is very good year for developing new products or new marketing campaigns, redesigning your logo or store. Use your imagination!

• Ambitious.
Rabbits want to get ahead, but they do so in a more consistent, calm manner than in the bold tiger manner.

• Good communication.
Rabbits are good listeners. They’re slow to judge. It’s a great time for customer relations and service. It’s also a good time for networking and increasing your marketing.

• Endurance.
Expect steady, solid business growth rather than explosive growth as in a tiger or dragon year. Look for ways to even out your cash flow, month in and month out.

• Luck.
Here’s good news: Rabbit years are traditionally quite lucky years.

• Money made easily.
Finally, here’s a trait I certainly hope comes true: Traditionally, money can be made more easily in rabbit years than in many other years.

Oh – and one other notable rabbit trait – it’s a good year for giving birth. Whether you’re having a baby or giving birth to new products or a new business, it’s an auspicious year for you.

So, if you want a little reminder for all those good traits – why don’t you buy Amazing  Mammoth ivory carving of all the 12 animals of the Chinese Zodiac.

Not just you will have all those good traits i believe that as an ivory Carvings Lovers –  The carvings are just amazing.

I just have been visited at for their special Chinese New Year  Mammoth ivory zodiac Collection

Browse them By Yourself:

Carved Ivory tusk - The twelve  Zodiac Animals - 4104

The twelve Zodiac Animals – 4104

Price: $1,790.00 $1,190.00

Carved Ivory tusk - The twelve  Zodiac Animals - 4112

The twelve Zodiac Animals – 4112

Price: $2,190.00 $1,490.00

Carved Mammoth Ivory Netsuke - Zodiac animals on human palm

Zodiac animals on human palm

Price: $4,899.00 $3,674.25 $3,490.00

Mammot Ivory Tusk - Huge Zodiac

Huge Zodiac

Price: $19,999.00 $11,490.00

Mammoth Ivory Figurine -OLD MAN CARRYING ZODIAC


Price: $5,500.00 $3,900.00

Mammoth Ivory Netsuke -  12 zodiac animals set - Round Stand

12 zodiac animals set – Round Stand

Price: $5,000.00 $3,490.00

Mammoth Ivory Netsuke - 12 Zodiac animals - Big Tiger

12 Zodiac animals – Big Tiger

Price: $510.00 $349.00

Mammoth Ivory Netsuke - 12 Zodiac animals - Year of the Horse

Mammoth Ivory Netsuke - 12 zodiac netsukeis on wood bridge

12 zodiac netsukeis on wood bridge

Price: $6,500.00 $4,490.00

Mammoth Ivory Netsuke - Ball of Rabbits

Ball of Rabbits

Price: $179.00 $139.00

Mammoth Ivory Netsuke - Japanese  Old Man Catching Rabbit

Japanese Old Man Catching Rabbit

Price: $450.00 $339.00

Mammoth Ivory Netsuke - Rabbits Carying Caridge

Rabbits Carying Caridge

Price: $179.00 $139.00

Mammoth Ivory Netsuke - The 12 Zodiac animals on a Ball

The 12 Zodiac animals on a Ball

Price: $560.00 $369.00

Mammoth Ivory Netsuke - Three Rabbits & a Carrot

Mammoth Ivory Netsuke - Two Rabbits Eating huge corn

Two Rabbits Eating huge corn

Price: $179.00 $139.00

Mammoth Ivory Tusk - 12 Chinese Zodiac Animals - arch shape

12 Chinese Zodiac Animals – arch shape

Price: $13,000.00 $8,900.00

Mammoth Ivory Tusk - 12 Chinese Zodiac Animals scene - small

Mammoth Ivory Tusk 12 Zodiac Animals - 4201


Price: $990.00 $690.00