More About Three Star Gods- Fuk, Luk and Sau

Though mammoth ivory is one of the most sought after material for affluent collections, it is impressive to see the level of artistry and creativity that the artists portray with the material. Look at this impressive and detailed sculpture of the Three Star Gods, symbolizing good fortune, longevity and prosperity. As per the Taoist traditions, the 3 gods are Fuk, Luk and Sau. Look at the wonderful carvings, the intricate detailing and beautiful delineated mammoth tusk ivory figurines. Set on wood in this particular sculpture, the teakwood with its grain adds to the beauty of the sculptures.

The raw material is mammoth tusk ivory which is harvested from the frozen skeletal remains of ancient mammoth tusk ivory that still lies buried in the permafrost of the vast, uninhibited expanses of Arctic and Siberian regions. As it is harder than fresh ivories, great care has to be taken to ensure that it is maintained at specific temperature so that it does not crack or turn brittle. Though most of the core ivory remains milky white, there maybe discoloration in places.

The Three Lucky Men or Three Star Gods signify prosperity, good fortune and long life as per Feng Shui or the ancient Taoist beliefs. As per the sources of Feng Shui, there are various legends associated with it. They represent celestial energies which are channelized through these Gods to benefit us. Fuk Luk Sau, as the three wise men are known need to be placed in an area where they are easily visible with good energy surrounding them. These can be any places such as a high shelf or on the table in the living area.

How can I care for mammoth ivory artifacts?

This is one of the most common queries that we receive is about caring for your mammoth ivory sculptures, tusks and other items crafted from mammoth tusk ivory. You invest in antique ivory or any other ivory, one of the most difficult tasks is to constantly maintain humidity and temperature as it is prone to cracks and turns brittle if left in extremely dry weather conditions.

Mammoth tusks are sourced from the tundra permafrost, where the fossil ivory has lain buried for over 10,000 years, in the Russian, Siberian and Alaskan regions. Due to constant cold temperature, it has been able to retain the original moisture. That is why it is essential to have higher humidity and temperature control, when showcasing genuine mammoth ivory. That is why it is important that you rub the ivory sculpture with mineral oil every few months to make sure that the moisture is not depleted. You can use Renaissance wax to polish it and restore the protective luster. But some of the preventive measures that you need to take for maintaining ivory in its pristine condition is not to mark it or put any type of ink on it.

Putting water on ivory can damage it so ensure that the ivory is prevented from being wet. As the structure of mammoth ivory is close to being fossilized to an extent, do not put it in direct sunlight  or in extreme cold, as it will erode the inherent moisture and make it brittle. We recommend not to put ivory through temperature and moisture fluctuations as mammoth ivory is a precious commodity and can crack due to the variability. To see some astounding collection of mammoth ivory art and artifacts, check out

How To Select Genuine Mammoth Tusk Ivory?

Ivory is opulent and lustrous, adorning royal palaces and one of the most preferred materials for inlay for centuries. Today due to the incessant poaching, elephant ivory is banned worldwide. However, the demand for ivory has not gone down and to fill the gap, mammoth tusk ivory is in vogue. The large and husky wooly mammoths perished in the last Ice Age and the freezing Tundra permafrost has managed to preserve the ivory well.

Although there are numerous scrimshaws, netsuke and tusk carvings that are available at different prices, if you are not sure about the authenticity of the mammoth ivory sculpture you have bought, it is time to know more about it. As fake abound online, it is essential to view the mammoth ivory art piece virtually and check for the inherent criss-cross pattern on the tusks, figurines and even netsuke. Look at areas where there is no or less carving on the sculpture and check for inherent criss-cross V-shaped patterned lines on legal ivory.

Additionally, look for bone lamination and joints. High value mammoth ivory tusk carvings are crafted from a single piece. If you see numerous bone lamination, it can be a sign of making the sculpture from animal bone and not ivory.  However, brown pigmentation on natural mammoth ivory is common due to the seepage of various soil minerals within the porous organic ivory as it lay buried under the permafrost. The discoloration ranges from dark brown to fawn color and some maybe in shades of grey. Check out more information on mammoth ivory carvings and sculptures at


Mueseum Mammoth Ivory Tusk Luohans 18 Monks

Mammoth ivory Tusk - luohan 18 Monks

Museum piece of all Luohan 18 Monks – Hand Carved by Master Carver On Mammoth Ivory tusk

I must to admit this is  one of the beautiful Mammoth ivory Pieces that  i ever saw in my life. The Master Carver that carved this outstanding piece – made an outstanding work on this  – top of the Line  Mammoth ivory raw tusk – when he carved one of my favorites theme of the 18 Monks of luohan.
The 18 Luohans Monks considered as the original followers of the Buddha who have followed the Eightfold Path and has achieved deliverance of this earthly existence. He has reached “the other shore” and is saved for all eternity. In him the asavas – the craving for sensual pleasures, earthly existence, ignorance and wrong views – are gone. He is subject to no more rebirths and karma.Lohans are well-known for their great wisdom, courage and supernatural power. Due to their abilities to ward off the evil, Lohans have became guardian angels of the Buddhist temple and there in the main hall standing guard are the ever-present, indomitable-looking 18 Lohan figures, sometimes accompanied by 500 or more lesser Lohans.

This is the list of the 18 Luohan Monks – Try to Identify them among the Mammoth Tusk carving  – In that piece the carver added Buddha him self to the piece as well this list can varies because it’s not a closed list & you can find sometimes additional gods instead of other – but this is the most popular list: Deer Sitting, Happy, Raised Bowl, Raised Pagoda, Meditating, Oversea, Elephant Riding, Laughing Lion, Open Heart, Raised Hand, Thinking, Scratched Ear, Calico Bag, Plantain, Long Eyebrow, Doorman, Taming Dragon and Taming Tiger.

 A floral carved wooden stand adds to the beauty of this Mammoth Ivory tusk.

The master carver has signed this piece of art.

 Height of the wood stand only is:18′ Cm /  7′ In .

We Love The ELEPHANTS! Mammoth Ivory is Legal & eco Friendly:

This Mammoth ivory tusk  is absolutely legal worldwide for import & export. The Mammoth Tusk are coming from the extinct woolly Mammoth that was lived before 10,000 years ago. Today the Mammoth tusk are being found mainly in the arctic places like Alaska & Siberia Russia – that way the Tusk was buried in the ice for more than 10,000 years & didn’t fossilized. The only reason that the Mammoth Tusk is named  “Ivory” is only because the same chemist structure of the tusk & because of the scientific definition. But it’s very easy to identify between mammoth ivory & elephant Ivory  – With only a pair of unarmed human eyes.  Read more about how to identify Mammoth Ivory & Elephant Ivory –Click Here!

 Want to know all about Mammoth ivory?

In Centimeters:
Width: 36.0 Cm, Height: 28.0 Cm , Length: 5.0 Cm
In Inches:
Width: 14 In, Height: 11 In , Length: 2 In

12 Zodiac Animals On Mammoth Ivory Tusk

I am in love at the CHINESE ZODIAC ANIMALS – like McDonald’s slogan “I’m Lovi’n It” .
I love the idea that stand behind the 12 animals of the Chinese zodiac as well the zodiac calender(I by the way born at the Year of the tiger – celebrating this year 2010). Today I just got from an extremely beautiful Mammoth Ivory  Tusk of the 12 zodiac animals. This is 10 Inches Carved tusk with some 3 dimensional carving technique at the widest side of the tusk.  The dragon is at the middle of the tusk & he carved  almost all over the tusk.  It’s amazing how the master carver carved the Ox at he wider side of the tusk – when you looking on it from the side as well we can see the back legs of the horse.

This is 3D carving & you can actually see how the master carver drilled into this Mammoth Ivory Tusk In order to get the best result for each animal.
All the 12 zodiac animals are hand carved perfectly on the Mammoth Ivory Tusk: Rat, Ox, Rabbit , Dragon , Tiger , Snake , Horse , Sheep , Monkey , Rooster , Pig & Dog All combined perfectly on this tusk, look at the dragon face & his legs. The Dragon head is located in the center of the Tusk but his tail goes till the right edge of the tusk

Read all about the Chinese Zodiac at education center. See the Master carver signature on the wider side of the tusk.

This hand carved Mammoth Ivory Tusk is Hand carved by Master Carver to perfection.

This Mammoth ivory tusk Carving is made of 100% genuine Mammoth Ivory Tusk. The extinct woolly Mammoth roamed the earth before 10,000-40,000 years ago. Today we can found Mammoth ivory tusk in the arctic regions like Siberia in Russia.

Mammoth Ivory TUSKS are absolutely legal worldwide.

You can read more about Mammoth Ivory at education Center.

Height of the customized wood stand:
3.15 In,8 Cm .

Want to know all about Mammoth ivory?

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  • Measurements:
    In Centimeters:
    Width: 24.5 Cm, Height: 15.0 Cm , Length: 6.0 Cm
    In Inches:
    Width: 10 In, Height: 6 In , Length: 2 In

    Carved Ivory tusk - The twelve  Zodiac Animals - 4104
    Carved Ivory tusk - The twelve  Zodiac Animals - 4104
    Carved Ivory tusk - The twelve  Zodiac Animals - 4104
    Carved Ivory tusk - The twelve  Zodiac Animals - 4104
    Carved Ivory tusk - The twelve  Zodiac Animals - 4104
    Carved Ivory tusk - The twelve  Zodiac Animals - 4104
    Carved Ivory tusk - The twelve  Zodiac Animals - 4104
    Carved Ivory tusk - The twelve  Zodiac Animals - 4104
    Carved Ivory tusk - The twelve  Zodiac Animals - 4104
    Carved Ivory tusk - The twelve  Zodiac Animals - 4104