Huge Mammoth Ivory Complete Tusk – The Zodiac

I am a fan of complete tusk especially Mammoth ivory Tusk from the extinct woolly Mammoth that roamed the earth before 10,000 years ago & become very popular because of the world Wide trade ban on Elephant Ivory. Therefore Mammoth ivory Tusk started to be very  popular in the east & by all of us that like to collect  Ivory Carving & still don’t want to break any law or to encourage elephants poaching  . The demand for Mammoth Ivory is climbing all the time & especially the demand for com0plete tusks.

It’s very hard to find complete large mammoth Ivory tusks in a good quality – that can be carved – Just think that those tusks are laying in the Ice or in the earth for 10,000 years or more & waiting for us to collect it.

This is as well one of the main reasons that i liked about those pieces – They are reflecting power – First it’s big & second it’s symbolized how Powerfull is Nature – that  kept for us those treasure.

And third it was belonged to one of the powerful animals ever – the ancient Mammoth Ivory.

This is  Really a magnificent piece depicted the twelve animals of the Chinese Zodiac. hand Carved By top skilled Master Carver to perfection. The size of the Tusk form edge to edge is 133cm and the size of the carving only is 107 cm-The Master Carver carved each zodiac animal separately while still they seem to be intermingled. Carved on just the hollow surface of a piece of mammoth’s tusk, it shows each animal in a different position. The rooster seems happy snuggling near the snake, while the rabbit is on the top. The end of the carved masterpiece is highlighted with the natural shine and brown shell of the raw tusk. This gives a very rustic look to the carving. This thin tusk shell carving requires high levels of expertise and skill that only a few have mastered. Just look at the dragon’s scale and the horse’s hooves, notice that each tiny detail that has been exemplified in fine details.

A floral carved wooden stand adds to the beauty of this figurine.

The master carver has signed this piece of art.

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  • Mesurmants:133 Cm – from edge to edge, size of carving only 107cm, Thickness: 9 cm, Height with wood stand: 145cm.

    In Centimeters:
    Width: 133.0 Cm, Height: 145.0 Cm , Length: 9.0 Cm
    In Inches:
    Width: 52 In, Height: 57 In , Length: 4 In

    Mammot Ivory Tusk - Huge Zodiac

    Mammot Ivory Tusk - Huge Zodiac
    Mammot Ivory Tusk - Huge Zodiac
    Mammot Ivory Tusk - Huge Zodiac
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