The Dragons On Big Mammoth ivory Tusk

 Dragons  Dragons  Dragons  Dragons  Dragons  Dragons  Dragons

When i saw this amazing ivory tusk i immediately ran over my computer to tell you guys  about it.  I don’t know if you can understand the beauty of that tusk – Fist of all i like the natural  look of the tusk, second  the carvings of the dragons are amazing. I wrote about the another  dragons tusk before several weeks ago but this tusk is something different. This is what i like about ivory carving – that it’s not like porcelain or silver – at ivory carving you will never find duplicated piece even if  it will be exact pattern especially on Mammoth ivory tusk – at every corner at the tusk the carver an find new surprise like cracks, different color & the natural shape of the tusk that the carver should work with. The example between those two tusks of the dragons is a good example how to tusks with the same subject are so different from each other & even can sit at the same collection at the same room & no one will notice that the subject is the same..

The tusk it self is amazing 83 cm of  the Dragons hand carved all over the tusk. The tusk is well preserved & in very good condition. It’s always surprise me to get across those big mammoth ivory tusk – well carved & to imagine that they are belonging to a prehistoric animal that extinct before 10,000 years ago. It’s exciting every time  & i am lucky to get across all this extinct beauty.

You can read more about Mammoth Ivory at education Center.

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  • Tusk Measurements:
    The size of the tusk from Edge to Edge is 78 Cm/ 31′ In. The size of total carvings is 83 Cm/ 33′ In.
    Height of the tusk Including The wooden stand is: 34 Cm/ 13.4′ In – The height of the tusk only is: 20 Cm/ 7.9′ In.
    The thickness of the tusk is : 5 Cm, 3.54 In This Mammoth Ivory Tusk is including the customize wood stand

    In Centimeters:
    Width: 83.0 Cm, Height: 34.0 Cm , Length: 5.0 Cm
    In Inches:
    Width: 33 In, Height: 13 In , Length: 2 In

    Mammoth Ivory Tusk - Dragons -  Big Tusk
    Mammoth Ivory Tusk - Dragons -  Big Tusk
    Mammoth Ivory Tusk - Dragons -  Big Tusk
    Mammoth Ivory Tusk - Dragons -  Big Tusk
    Mammoth Ivory Tusk - Dragons -  Big Tusk
    Mammoth Ivory Tusk - Dragons -  Big Tusk
    Mammoth Ivory Tusk - Dragons -  Big Tusk

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