Carving With Mammoth Tusk Ivory

If you are wondering about the beautiful status that you saw online with intricate details on pure mammoth ivory and how it was done. Here is a brief about carving antique ivory. You need to know that it is not done by amateur sculptors but only some of the very best sculptors in the world are capable of working on the precious mammoth tusk ivory.

The old techniques used adz, ax and chisel to remove the outer bark of the tusk while the bow saw is needed to cut the tusk into smaller sections. From gauges, hand chisels to fretsaws have been used to crave the mammoth ivory tusks. The changes came with the introduction of electric rotary saws of different sizes that cut and peeled away the tough bark of the ivory and dental drills are used for intricate carvings.

It is not easy to carve mammoth tusk ivory as it is solid yet delicate and easy to break due to the erosion of moisture under the permafrost. Some of the mammoth tusks have traces of minerals that are exhibited as blue and green pigmentation. Most of the artists use the coloring to their advantage by carving the design such that it highlights the beauty of the sculpture. If you are looking for expertly crafted mammoth ivory sculptures, figurines and artwork, check out the available collection at

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