More About Mammoth Ivory Seven Lucky Gods

The Seven Gods of Luck and Good Fortune, Shichi Fukujin are originally a part of Japanese tradition. They represent Dignity, Honesty, Amiability, Longevity, Fortune, Happiness and Wisdom. An amalgamation of Buddhist, Taoist, Hinduism and Shinto saints which became an integral part of the folklore of Japanese, the Gods were grouped around 17th century as Seven Lucky Gods.

As per the traditional representation of the legend as found in historical documents, the Seven Lucky Gods travel in a ship, Takarabune which was filled with precious gems and treasures, coming up from the sea, spreading happiness and good fortune to everyone. It is considered that if you put a picture of Shichi Fukujin under your pillow at night on 31st December for a better fortune in the New Year. The Seven Lucky Gods has Ebisu, Daikokuten, Bishamonten, Benzaiten, Hotei, Jurōjin, and Fukurokuju.

Laughing Buddha or Hotei is the God of Happiness and is known to be generous with gifts for people as is known as Japanese Santa.  While Jyuroujin (God of Longevity) is represented as old man with staff and has a few animals accompanying him.  Fukurokujuzin (God of happiness, wealth and longevity) is a vagabond and philosopher who survive without eating.

Bishimon (God of warriors) holding a pagoda and spear in each hand, symbolizes gifts and guards the treasures. While there is one Goddess, Benzai or Benten which means flowing water, she personifies art, beauty and charm. The God of fishermen and traders, Ebisu has a large belly and is usually happy and laughing. He carries a fishing rod and fish. And the last God in the pantheon is Daikoku. He is the God of the House especially the kitchen. This is considered the center of wealth and is seen carrying a mallet.   Check out the beautiful mammoth tusk ivory Lucky 7 Gods at

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