About Mammoth Ivory Beads And Products

Ivory is a suitable material to craft statues, figures and jewelry among a host of other products such as tusk carvings, snuff bottles, netsuke, scrimshaw and so much more. Though ivory has been carved since prehistoric times, most of it was for religious or practical purposes. But today, mammoth tusks and ivories have more of collectible value than practical use.

Many new designs of ivory have come out with the innovative techniques and artist concepts. Some of these include guitar picks, dice, hair sticks, miniature dollhouses and even jewelry. Though most of the themes are about trendy jewelry, vintage western and Chinese mythological animals, the minuet detailing is superb.  Though mammoth ivory beads have caught the fancy of women all over, even US First Lady, Michele Obama was seen sporting a multi-layered mammoth ivory beaded necklace at a formal event.

So how do artists create such varied size mammoth tusk ivory beads? The small flakes and fragments of scrap mammoth ivory are used to create varying sizes of beads. These are cut by experienced ivory technicians and later polished. The next step is making of the raw mammoth tusk ivory cylinders, which preludes a stage prior to making round beads. These are made in a production unit, technicians work to carve systematically the cylinders into beads and then they are polished to make round beads for jewelry, necklaces and host of other beads. With a host of colors and pigmented ivory, they provide a range of colors in the ivory beads.

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