What is legal ivory for sale?

mammoth_ivory_P1030217_bigHave you been looking for an affordable piece of raw ivory or a carved ivory figurine but haven’t been able to buy the right one, due to the ban on elephant ivory? Well, the fact is that elephant ivory is passé as it has been banned worldwide and is illegal to trade, buy or sell it. But then do you want to know the truth about legal ivory for sale that you keep seeing all over the Internet?

It is mammoth tusk ivory that is procured from far off Siberia and Arctic regions. The huge woolly mammoths became extinct in the last Ice age but due to extremely cold temperatures, the permafrost preserved the tusks. Today, this ivory is excavated and traded as legal ivory.

As a ivory collector, I have come across various websites selling ivory and finished products but only a few are able to sell it at affordable costs. One of the most beautiful sculptures that I saw in the recent few weeks is the Oriental Buddha as seen in the image. Carving on ivory is not easy and that is why the procurement, carving and finished sculpture commands a high price.

The positive effect of the legal mammoth ivory sale is that it meets the gap created by the ban on elephant ivory and is completely eco-friendly as no animal is harmed.  With full-tusks reaching an amazing length of 10 feet to 16 feet, even pieces of mammoth ivory tusk are large enough for detailed carvings and crafting netsuke. Now you have a way to buy legal ivory at affordable places so check out the vast collection at http://www.mammothivory.info







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