Safe place to buy Legal Ivory Carving

Today is very difficult to buy Legal Ivory Carving. It’s not just that you can’t know for sure if the Ivory That you buying is legal or not but the big problem over the net is that a lot of fraudsters just waiting for you to make  a mistake & buy cheap so called Ivory. Generally Suppliers like that will send you carved bone or worst case a piece of Plastic or stone. So the first advice is don’t buy cheap if you don’t know from who you are buying the Ivory. Second – if you buy your Ivory over the net be sure that even if the piece is real Ivory – you must check if it’s legal Ivory as well because in 99%  your custom will ban the piece that you just bought.

One of the safest places to buy legal carved Ivoryies is: over there you can buy with trust Legal ivory Carving like Tusks, Figurines & Netsukes.

Mammoth Ivory Huge Carved Tusk

Mammoth Ivory Huge Carved Tusk

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One thought on “Safe place to buy Legal Ivory Carving

  1. We purchased a hand carved piece of ivory on a wood base with the original bill of sale. It came from Kowloon, Hong Kong back in 1970 with the original price being eight hundred fifty dollars. We were wondering how to go about getting it appraised. Nobody here in Oklahoma seems to know anything about ivory.


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