4 new carved Ivory tusks – WoW!!!

What an anazing four Mammoth Carved Ivory Tusks just added to our Carved Ivory gallery. This 4 Carved Ivory tuskĀ  all made from the extinct woolly Mammoth Tusk – therefore they are ABSOLUTELY LEGAL FOR TRADE WORLDWIDE!!!

4 new Carved Ivory Tusks just added to our Gallery:

Prince Traveling – Ivory Tusk
Fukurokuju, Geisha & Crane – Ivory Tusk
Landscape SceneĀ  – Caved Ivory Tusk
& Last one Elephants & Rhinoceros Tusk.

All tusks are hand carved by Master carver to perfection, pay attention on the ivory carving on each tusks.

The Tusks are signed by the Artist.

The price of the tusks are from 1,000$ – 2,400$

All tusks are available to purchase at www.IvoryAndArt.com web site.

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One thought on “4 new carved Ivory tusks – WoW!!!

  1. i once had a nice recipe for fake ivory made by boiling potatoes in an acid, would anyone know that recipe ?

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